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Re: Don't letting Indy being regarded as a second rate distribution

> There was a thing alarming in the Linuxcare message and it was Indy
> being called distribution for newbies.  Danger is we will be looked
> down as a cut-down distribution unfit for serious use.  Is anyone
> wolunteering for replying?  Indy is not a distribution limited to

After tomorrow, I'll be able to write a reply if you want one that's
well-worded and such. I've got a midterm tomorrow plus some meetings
and a problem set due, then I'll reread the article and see if it
actually needs a reply.

In other news, belegost has two new processors. I'll install kernel
2.2 and other crazy gadgets that will allow me to do SMP, but not for
a few weeks. I also rebooted yesterday and didn't notice that my ftpd
didn't boot, so it was down for about 20 hours. :(
(The ftpd on cran was still up, but people who just pasted the url
rather than thinking would not have noticed that.)