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Re: Needs

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Kevin Forge wrote:

> jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > 
> > -About the deskop: RedHat will use the following policy: if Gnome is
> >  installed then use Gnome else try KDE else standard X using FVWM95
> >  and click-to-focus as the default.  I want to allow the user choosing
> >  GUI (ie Gnomen KDE or standard X) and in addition either WindowMaker
> >  or AfterStep as the WM in case the user chooses standard X.  I have
> >  seen people being disappointed by FVWM95 because they hoped something
> >  different. What's your opinion abot this?  And about keeping
> >  click-to-focus in the sake of failiarity with the poivy used in
> >  Windows?
> When Indi is a release product it will do XDM by default.
> Until then how can you get a menu going ?

15 minutes of dialog hacking and a "indyx" script that shows a dialog and 
then calls startx with the right .Xclients (or .xinitrc or whatever)?

Just my .02 :-)

> My personal view is to just reshuffle the order that RedHat defaults 
> to.  KDe is easily the nicest way to use Linux.  However it should
> come with a couple nice themes that the user can try out ( The 
> default is dull but it is intuitive and not the least bit scary :)

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