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RE: Needs

>>>    What if Linux is boot graphically?  Would it be possible to look in
>>> the home directory to see which desktop to run?  Is it possible to
>>> choose KDE vs Gnome vs X from a graphical login?

>>Not with XDM.  It should be possible with KDM and its Gnome
>>counterpart.  With XDM we would be restricted to use the same tricks
>>used if the people had used startx
>Sorry to butt in, but I just saw this on freshmeat.net.  It looks like
>something that will do exactly this.

   Don't be sorry!  I am glad you butted in. :-)  From the page it looks
like just the trick.  The only thing is how would we integrate it into
the distribution, and does it really work?  And, should we just invite
the programmer into the Independence group so we don't have to package
it? :-)