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RE: Selecting applications

>To make Linux user-friendly does not require as much sophisticated
>installations than it requires good apps.

   To me this is sort of like saying "A woman doesn't have to be good
looking to make you happy."  While this is VERY true, a good looking
woman will make you walk across the room. :-)  Some one else has said
that a bad install will keep new people from trying Linux.  "If I can't
even get the thing installed, how can I run it?"  We do need to have a
minimum level, clean, easy install, or people will never look at the
cool apps we find.

>Suggesting better applications than those we have (please argument I
>know most apps by name) is one of the easiest and more useful
>contributions that you can make to this project specially because I am
>busy with other tasks and cannot spend much time on trying apps or
>simply keeping track of freshmeat announces.
>I am interested in someone comparing AbiWord to Maxwell as the default
>word processor for Indy

   I wish I could help, but I am still up to my eyeballs in the AutoDocs
for the reasons above. :-)  Once I get that done, perhaps. :-)