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[Libevent-users] Writing a basic http client


I'm looking into using a simple HTTP client library for a project that already uses libevent2.

I tried using libcurl in combination with libevent. Unfortunately libcurl won't work for me at the moment because its "multi" backend has timeout issues (requests without any data received never time out) and integration with libevent is pretty much confusing.

I remember reading on this list that 'evhttp' isn't really mature yet so I initally avoided it, but I might want to give it a chance now. Unfortunately I can't really find any documentation on using evhttp (especially not for libevent2), except for the header file and the regression tests. A lot of functions appear to be aimed at the server part of evhttp which I am not interested in.

All I want to do is send a basic POST request (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) to a remote host (over http/https) and process the response received. All this while honoring up to <x> redirects, with a timeout of <y> seconds.

Is this something I can easily do with evhttp? Is the evhttp (client) code stable enough? Is there some example code on using evhttp as a client?

Bas Verhoeven
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