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Game idea....

I've had this idea for a game for awhile. And I just want some feedback
on wheter or not the idea is good or not. (BTW: I'm not saying that I
intend to make it (I'd like to, and I probably will start to..), and I
do know how hard it would be to make etc...)

Game title : Street Fighter Foo

General Description : Picture, if you can, Street Fighter II (the arcade
game); a direct rip off of that. But with a twist, instead of  the
normal characters; the linux mascot (tux), the freebsd mascot (deamon?),
bill gates, etc (or very similar)...

Platform : Anything that can compile C...

I really should get off my ass and start writting a design doc.

And that's about it. Ideas? Do people even remember SF2...