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Re: Game idea....

Dennis Payne wrote:

> > Game title : Street Fighter Foo
> I had a similar idea that I called Icon Fighter.  Quicken icon attacks
> the Netscape Navigator.  (As a side note you probably can't use
> street fighter in the name without incurring capcom's wrath.)

It's humbling how many ideas one has are often duplicated time and time
again by others :) <bad humor>Of course we all know that Bill Gates is the
one true genius (tm)...</bad humor>

re: SF Foo, perhaps a working title instead...

> I've also thought of a Megaman like game combined with C-robots.
> Basically you would have to design your own weapons and items in C.
> Unfortunately I don't know how you would balance the game properly and
> implement the programmable items.

Couldn't such a thing be implemented as plug-ins. ie: Find a program that
has plug-in support (and has full source under a liberal enough
lisence(sp?)), and strip it down to what you need (ie: Get rid of all the
overhead that's simply not needed), and run with it? Hence not reinventing
the wheel..