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Re: Game idea....

> Geez, I just use dlopen() on a few strategically placed hooks... this is
> how I implement the different ships and levels in Gnudius (Ok, so
> there's 1 level and 2 ships for now... but in theory it'll be possible
> to have an arbitrary number of each and load only those you want.)
> Constructing a plug-in system isn't the easiest thing in the world, but
> it's well within the capability of any Unix/C hacker. :)

	Hmm.. if it's that easy, I should use it for my game. Right now, all
the levels are loaded randomly, and all the character data is all static.
Might be easier to work everything if it can be loaded on the fly... In fact,
a tutorial on plug-ins and such might be a good idea for the LGDC homepage.
Anyone have one?