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Re: Business models

What would really deter people from giving their keys away is if the key
were permanently invalidated if 2 users logged onto the server at the same
time. And I don't think that's unfair, as long as this policy is clearly
stated before people buy the key. Is this hostile? When it's sprung as a
surprise, yes, but if its part of a contract freely entered by both parties,
I see no problem. It wouldn't deter me from buying a key, anyway. 
Peter Henningsen

>A system that would work with online games is a central registration server 
>and a per-license key. 2 keys can't play at the same time. The server would 
>require all connections to have a key, and if 2 identical keys are 
>present/invalid key, it doesn't let the user play.
>Hostile, I know, but it could work to some extent.
>The Infamous Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
>email: me@thisisnurgle.org.uk

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