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Re: Pboxmix "Invalid PK or misencrypted ..." message

On Sat, 2006-02-11 at 11:21 +0000, Colin Tuckley wrote:
> Marco A. Calamari wrote:
> > P.S: very upsetting that noreply
> >  statistic are cood and cside are 0
> > It will be interesting to clarify
> >  what they represent.
> Err... Pboxmix stats at cside are good:
> pboxmix      101111111111    :34   ++++++++++++  100.0%   PR GO ATLE IN

errr...   double mistake by me.

pboxmix is the name of the mixmaster node running on my
 pc and cside are the mixmaster stats I normalli check.

The malfunctioning node is the mixminion node that
 run on the same pc, called Pboxlevel3, and the stats
 I refer are mixminion Outel ones


Sorry for the noise I created.

BTW the problem continue.

Marco A. Calamari <marcoc1@xxxxxxx>

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