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Servers Should Use a Secure Mix Algorithm

The recommended default mix for servers (from the distributed
.mixminiond.conf file) has been:
> #   For now, I recommend option one below, even though it's the least secure.
> #   It will help us test the system, and distinguish node failure from
> #   low volume.  By version 1.0, we'll change the default.
> #
> #   (1. A Timed mix sends out all messages in the pool every interval.
> #
> # MixAlgorithm: Timed
> # MixInterval: 10 minutes

I think now is a good time to switch over to a secure mix algorithm.
Nick Mathewson agreed with this suggestion and asked me to announce
that it has his blessing.

I've switched wiredyne over to what looks like the most serious mix:
> #   (3. A BinomialDynamicPool mix is a randomized version of DynamicPool.
> #       When a DynamicPool mix would send P of N messages, a
> #       BinomalDynamicPool mix sends each message with probability P/N.)
> #
> MixAlgorithm: BinomialDynamicPool
> MixInterval: 30 minutes
> MixPoolRate: 50%
> MixPoolMinSize: 5

Using real mixes will give us a better feel for the performance of the
real system.  It will also provide a real security service, modulo the
software being in alpha.