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Re: Choose exitnodes in country x

On Tuesday 03 July 2007 15:35:21 you wrote:
> Hello,
> it would be nice to have the ability to choose only exitnodes in
> country X.
> Additional to "ExitNodes nickname, ..." something like this "ExitCountry
> country, ..." would be nice.
> country should be the official TLD code I think
> http://www.iana.org/root-whois/index.html
> There is more and more censorship at websites that only allows
> visitors from specific countries or show different content.

As Jonathan Yu pointed out there is no particularly reliable method for 
choosing by country, geoip is the closest match out there.

TorK uses geoip to offer a 'Citizen Of' feature, where you choose the country 
you want to 'browse the internet from', i.e. use exitnodes from only that 


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