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Re: Choose exitnodes in country x

How are you proposing to detect country?

no automatic, add an additional entry to the tor directory.
For a human there is no problem to get the country out of traceroute.
For new tornodes it can be asked direct within the registration

how about "built-in geoip code". Vidalia and TorK are currently using
geoip services from external sources. Rather than implementing this
feature server-side and routing requests through the tor network,
every client/node can _have_the_option_ of downloading an updated
geoip database from a trusted source and using this would-be
client-side implemented feature without recourse to external sources

A) detect "the other" node's country (to filter Exit Nodes perhaps
using a ExitNodesCountryCode and StrictExitNodesCountryCode options in
B) adding a "CountryCode" descriptor to their own directory
descriptors to be identified by clients with no geoip database.