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Re: IOCP / C10K

On 3/7/07, Toby Douglass <toby.douglass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That means fitting IOCP into libevent.
This may be impossible.

it is possible, just a pain in the ass. (hint: similar behavioral/idiom issues affected the java non-blocking / event based socket i/o which was delayed repeatedly out to 1.5 thanks in large part to the same kind of momentum/architectural differences.

perhaps i can take a stab at this in the not soon future.  i had to
implement a thread pool based event dispatch for a udp stack with
similar issues.  (it won't be very friendly to integrate, mostly using
the c++ i'd written as a refresher to guide re-implementation in
libevent and adjust Tor to use updated API.

best regards,