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Re: IOCP / C10K

Niels Provos wrote:
On 3/7/07, Toby Douglass <toby.douglass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm not familiar with libevent, but if it actually has callers waiting, in
a sleep, for events to occur, then all the event handling under Win32 will
need to be rewritten to use I/O completion events. I think it is not
possible to use IOCP in conjunction with normal Wait() type functions,
which I suspect libevent must ultimately rest upon.

for the amount of email that you have sent to the libevent mailing
list, it's surprising that you don't know more about it.

lol! :-)

What happened was that I tried looking at the libevent code, but it was highly incompatable with me. I gave up quickly.

provides notifications for non-blocking IO.  That means that there are
no callers waiting in sleep.  Any processing using a libevent-like
frameworks is done via callbacks.  Each callback is assumed to be
non-blocking and fast to complete.

Nick's suggestion about investigating the bufferevent layer in
libevent seems very reasonable.  There are quite a few low-hanging
fruits for optimization.

Okay. I'll have another stab at the libevent code.