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Re: dmca takedown, was: Recommended VPS ISPs?

or just putting the exit nodes on pi / directassignment ip ranges...

alternatively, one could simply deny all traffic and only allow the "known protocols" as people seeding bittorrent over tor are wasting available bandwidth for something that by itself isn't anonymous anyway as their client includes "their" "real" ip (well some do anyway ;)

or we could just sue the crap out of idiots at mediasentry and the likes for wasting our time, and file a few police reports on companies like these for uttering false aquisations... (which is what they are doing, repeatedly, and deliberately ;)

not to mention abusing the whois terms of use for automated spam dmca mails, violating various privacy and data aquisition laws, etc.

whois is a tool for providers to figure out whom to contact in case of network issues, not for attorneys to prove anything, as it's not an official, government maintained database anyway, but rather something you can perfectly well insert mickey mouse into if you want to. it was never intended to legally identify individuals, and yet this is what they claim in a lot of their emails...

maybe its time for a ripe proposal to shut the whole thing down and only make whois data available to parties that actually participate on the internet in terms of an AS, rather than all kinds of bullshit attorney firms that use it to send spam and false aquisations around the world.

soo there are 4 options

1: put the tor exit node in some pi space registered to some offshore company where nobody reads that crap :P

2: put the tor exit node on unregistered ip space (just "hijack" some unused/reserved space)

3: only allow known protocols

4: teach them a lesson about "laws" and have them prosecuted for the crimes mentioned above, combined with damage claims for wasting your time

or any combination of these...

if the "tor community" wants to nail them, they can, easily.
just takes a few trips to your local police office to file reports on these spammers (and whatnot else ;) then let your tax money handle it.


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On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Olaf Selke wrote:

Am 09.08.2010 19:30, schrieb Justin Bull:

I found a nice little VPS provider but they didn't like the repeated
DMCAs resulting from an exit node.

I suppose a misguided individual could cause a great deal of confusion
sending fake dmca takedown notices to US ISPs. Having access to the own
reverse dns one could even make the mail headers look authentically
originating from a copyright office.

cheers Olaf