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Re: New Node

Thanks for the quick response. That answers my questions regarding alphas.

The second question was more focused at other relay owners, since we all seem to be having trouble with DMCA.

I had briefly talked to some one else about it, but the proper term is Provider Independent IP Space.

Tor nodes seem to be having an issue with DMCA notifications pissing off hosting providers. Thus we have to either host the nodes with more "understanding" hosts or limit our exit policies so that we limit the notifications. This is a problem because the more leniet hosts don't all ways have the resources or connections that other places have.  If tor nodes controlled their own IP space then they can host their nodes inside any data center and easier to host without worrying about DMCA notices shutting down nodes. It would also allow more liberal exit policies so that other types of traffic can be allowed, even if they are more likely to generate notifications.

The only problem is that if it is described as tor only, then it might be easier to block by various groups. Anyone have any thoughts?


On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 11:09 PM, <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 10:55:55PM -0400, andrew@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.1K bytes in 23 lines about:
: Is it worth the extra effort to run the alpha release? Is the gain in
: performance/features make it optimal? And how is stable is Alpha considered?
: Is it functional but not fully tested, or bleeding edge and likely to fail?

Our alpha's vary in reliability and quality.  A newly branched
-alpha is likely to be very buggy and unstable.  A longer lived -alpha
branch is probably just a reliable from a software perspective as
-stable, but may contain new features that can improve or degrade your
user experience.  The whole point of the -alpha branch is to test out
new features.

Specifically, 0.2.2.x-alpha is likely to become the next -stable branch
soon.  0.2.2.x releases have been stable and quicker as a client over
the past few releases.

: Also I see mention of direct IP address assignments, and that they are
: expensive. How expensive are we talking about? And what are the
: bandwidth/hardware limitations that make it unfeasible?

what do you mean by this?

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