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Re: New Node [and PI space]

On 8/24/10, Sven Olaf Kamphuis <sven@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> additional management overhead.
> eh say what?

I agree with this from experience as well. There is no real technical
problem with
PI space on non-legacy gear anymore. And any recent PC can crunch more tables
than routers of the same age, they just don't have silicon switching or port
density yet... that's an aside, though relevant to following sections.

It's age or just more hands on setup and verification/paper grunt work that
some [many] operators decline to do, especially without surcharge. Small
ISP's should take it on for fun. Large ones that don't take it on may be a
sign of technical or other weakness.

> However, there is an open source BGP daemon, so there has to be at least
> a few of these folks out there: http://www.openbgpd.org/. Maybe we should
> try to reach out to that development community, tell them about Tor
> and see who knows who, and who might be Tor-friendly?

See also the zebra, quagga, xorp, click, sixxs, network
monitoring/research/security and hacking communities for more leads to
friendly datacenters.

> mick sayeth
> The text file for RFC 854 contains exactly 854 lines.
> Do you think there is any cosmic significance in this?

yeah, it'll probably take 854 years to get rid of telnet,
and umm, rlogin... eh mick? heh.

Globally, pointers to PI allocation info and pricing can be found
starting at IANA.
In the US, the place to go is ARIN.

To go fully PI, US, with your own registration everywhere,  you'd need
/22 ~ /21 = $1250, available for multihoming only, annual
 AS = $500, for multihoming, annual
/20 ~ /19 = $2250, available for single and multi, annual
$100 = ARIN OrgID ISP fee, annual
$15 = domain name, annual
$50 ~ $bling = internet pipe, x2 for multi, month
$50 ~ $bling = 1RU, month
$500 = server, once
$beer = cool upstream with clue, every few trouble tickets
plus whatever else I missed.
Budget of $250/mo might give you perpetual service.