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Re: [tor-relays] Your system clock just jumped

Lately I have seen a couple of incidents where the number of
connections suddenly goes up to over 3000, traffic increases
heavily, CPU usage goes well over 150% (out of possible 200).
Traffic can go up to between 500 and 1000 KB/sec for long periods
of time. Sometimes it seems that my relay just can't take it
anymore. In the log, the ratio of TAP handshakes goes wild, and I
get clock jump warnings. My clock does not jump. This is Tor
hanging while allocating memory.

My very cheap home router couldn't handle many connections and crashed often. I solved the issue by disabling Hidden Services and now number of connections is very low and everything is smooth. (But I have just bought a new home router so I'll allow HS soon.) The magic configuration line is:

HidServDirectoryV2 0

Best regards,
Ognyan Kulev
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