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[tor-relays] Understanding bandwidth rate


I'm using tor from Debian Wheezy, the exit policy is recject *.*, I'm not using the node myself.

arm shows these actual bandwidths:

Bandwidth (limit: 16 Mb/s, burst: 32 Mb/s, measured: 48.6 Kb/s):
Download (13.9 Mb/sec   - avg: 11.3 Mb/sec, total: 211.9 GB): 
Upload (16.0 Mb/sec   - avg: 12.6 Mb/sec, total: 237.9 GB):

This is my related config:

BandwidthRate             5 MB   # not set in config
BandwidthBurst            10 MB  # not set in config
RelayBandwidthRate        2 MB   # set in config
RelayBandwidthBurst       4 MB   # set in config

I'm a bit puzzled....

Why is bandwidth limit 16 Mb/s? Why bandwidth burst 32 Mb/s?

Since I'm not using the node for anything else but relaying I except the bandwidth is more or less equal the RelayBandwidth limit I set. But the averages are so much higher than either the BandwidthRate and the RelayBandwidthRate?

What is my problem of understanding here?

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