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Re: Server Status 'offline' was Re: problems setting up a relay node on win XP

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 12:38:07AM +0100, Stephen wrote:
> Thanks Nile. My node's status was advertised as being online for some 3hrs or so until late last night, then the status changed to offline & the status has continued to be advertised as offline despite the fact that my connection has been running non-stop for the last 24hrs. Is this normal, if not do you/anyone else have any advice on what I can do to resolve this? The vidalia bandwidth log indicates that some bandwidth has been used during this time (around 70MB) a small portion of which might have come from utilising tor as a client (I've used Tor as a client only very briefly during the last 24hrs).

Hey Stephen,

Have you looked into Tor's logs for any error messages? I believe you
can access Tor's logs through the Vidalia interface.

Some guesses:
- If you're running a Tor node with a dynamic IP, you should check that
  your IP address didn't change.
- Do you have "Address" set in your torrc? It should be set to either a
  "fully qualified domain name" (fqdn) or an IP address. If it's not
  set, Tor will guess your IP. I'm not sure if Tor can "recover" from
  your IP dynamically changing, though.

Apologies for not being more sure. Hope that helps some, though!


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