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Re: PHP coder needs Tor details

Thank you VERY much!

Main problem is that I've never been aware of DataDirectory
And in my torrc file is commented out so I'll uncomment it and alter it if needed.

James Muir <jamuir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Mr. Blue wrote:
> I've found put that if I want to make nobody utilize Tor I must submit
> FULL path to Tor
> Like: /usr/local/bin/tor
> If I just type tor than it doesn't work.
> Now, when I try to execute Tor command like nobody I get this message:
> [notice] Tor v0.1.1.26. This is experimental software. Do not rely on it
> for strong anonymity.
> [notice] Configuration file "/usr/local/etc/tor/torrc" not present,
> using reasonable defaults.
> Initialized libevent version 1.2a using method kqueue. Good.
> Error creating directory //.tor: Permission denied
> Failed to parse/validate config: Couldn't access/create private data
> directory "//.tor"
> Last 2 rows are confusing me -what should I do?

Tor needs to create a directory where it can store network data. It
tried to create one at //.tor, but it does not have the necessary
permissions. You need to tell Tor someplace where it has permission to
create a directory.

Have you had a look at the sample torrc file that comes with the tor
source? It is quite helpful. Here is an excerpt:

## The directory for keeping all the keys/etc. By default, we store
## things in $HOME/.tor on Unix, and in Application Data\tor on Windows.
#DataDirectory /usr/local/var/lib/tor

So add a line like this to your torrc file:

DataDirectory /path/to/where/nobody/can/write/tor

(that's "nobody" as in the username nobody). You can also specify this
as a command line parameter -- read the tor man page to see how to do that.


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