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Re: geeez...

Am 12.01.2011 09:32, schrieb Timo Schoeler:
> thus Mike Perry spake:
>> Some of us are also compiling abuse response templates. The goal for
>> abuse responses is to inform people about Tor, and to suggest
>> solutions for their security problems that involve improving their
>> computer security for the Internet at large (open wifi, open proxies,
>> botnets), rather than seeking vengeance and chasing ghosts. The
>> difference between these two approaches to abuse is the difference
>> between decentralized fault-tolerant Internet freedom, and fragile,
>> corruptible totalitarian control.
> Is there any place (e.g. in a wiki) where one could find or even upload
> his own 'response template', as I might assume that they will be very
> specific to the country's law they're issued?
> Such a thing could be helpful for many of us.
> Timo

Here are some:


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