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Re: cave updates, Qwest

On 1/28/2011 11:23 AM, scar wrote:
> Hi all.  i just wanted to give some updates regarding my router "cave"
> and experiences so far with running a Tor exit on my Qwest home DSL
> internet.
> Where we last left off, i had gotten permission from a Qwest
> representative to continue to run a Tor exit.  They had "noted my
> account accordingly".  I continue to use the "reduced exit policy" from
> Mike's blog.
> Unfortunately, there still exist some problems and hiccups i've been
> dealing with.  While the DMCA complaints have so far stopped, my
> internet has been disabled three times now due to 'malicious' behavior.
> Usually i will wake up in the morning to find my HTTP requests
> redirected to an internal Qwest website
> (http://consumer.protection.qwest.net/) explaining that their system has
> detected malicious behavior from my computer.  The website provides an
> automated means to restore my account and internet access.  I chose the
> option "malicious software already removed" and proceed with some
> verification and then my access is restored.
> However, unfortunately, on the second and third occurrences, their
> automated means would not allow my account to be restored, instead
> saying "you have failed to remove malicious software" or some such
> nonsense.  This entails me calling Qwest technical support and waiting
> for them to contact some engineer to restore my account, taking about
> 20-30 minutes.  They also take that opportunity to tell me they had
> detected a 'bot network' on my computers and want to make sure my
> anti-virus is updated.  Each time i've reassured them that it is a false
> alarm and that account should have been 'noted accordingly'  But so far,
> it doesn't seem to have stuck.
> Once my account has been restored, I proceed to send an e-mail follow-up
> to help@xxxxxxxxx with my previous ticket reference to when I was given
> the go-ahead to run a Tor router.  I've asked for details on what
> malicious behavior was detected and how I can block it, assured them
> that none of my computers have viruses, and reassured them that I am not
> interested in causing trouble for the company nor violating their
> policies.  Unfortunately, all of these e-mails have not been responded
> to, so i have no way just yet to move forward in order to mitigate these
> malicious uses of Tor.
> I'm actually getting a bit frustrated with my e-mails to Qwest seeming
> to fall on deaf ears, and was thinking of filing a complaint with the
> BBB in order to spur a proper reaction....

I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet, but THANK YOU.

You are one of the few who is fighting a big ISP for the sake of
everyone else.  In doing so you spend your time, energy, and reputation
to help get through to your ISP that anonymity systems like Tor are
needed and should be accepted openly.  Hell yes go to the BBB, play the
'patriotic' card, explain what Tor is and how you're helping poor people
in censored countries experience a freedom in the 21st, etc, etc.

Thank you and keep up the good fight,


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