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Re: [tor-talk] Real basic questions for linux

On 03/01/12 23:03, Chris wrote:
> Even then there could still be ways to fingerprint and connect a
> user. Your ISP, your modem, and other latency or surfing 
> particularities. Do you always spell a particular set of words wrong?
> Or do you always spell every word right?

Tor should deal with the technical side, as the network latency makes
everything happen at dial-up speed (or at least it does for me) and exit
routers won't know anything about your ISP connection.

However, linguistic fingerprinting is a much more plausible threat,
especially for those whose writing style is particularly distinctive.
For instance, I typically use few abbreviations, few contractions, long
sentences and lots of commas, which makes me stick out a mile on
services like Twitter. It takes a lot of effort to fake errors when
you're naturally anal.

I guess there's potential for a tool that takes text and mangles it. Of
course, natural language processing is one of those dark arts that
requires animal sacrifices and mutant fairy dust. The mutated fairies I
can manage, but blood stains everything...


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