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Re: [tor-talk] Tor exit+proxy

> What is the best way to add proxy (socks or whatever) at the end of
> a Tor node chain? I mean working way, that YOU use, not that in the Tor
> wiki or anywhere outdated in the Internets. So, download TorBrowser
> (linux, windows...), then *do something*, voila, a website that blocks
> Tor exits is now accepting you, isn`t that great? :) Share your methods,
> please. Thanks!

Before I start...
Search the mailing list (for Tor Proxy Chain). This topic has been discussed before. There are warnings about loss of anonymity. I don't like to repeat it but maybe someone else would have/will repeat it. If you are still interested in the topic itself...

There is proxychains for Linux for building chains of proxys where Tor can be a part of it and I've seen also a commercial clone with the same name for Windows. I do not trust such solutions too much. There are instructions around to use sockscap or freecap which will leak DNS and/or leak everything if IPv6 is available and they seam unmaintained.

Setup your own Tor Transparent Proxy (see wiki and recent mailing list comments) and add an additional proxy to the proxy settings in firefox. I haven't tested that solution myself but I guess it's possible, I think that because of my experience with 3).

Setup your own Tor VPN. Similar like JanusVM. Really create your own Tor VPN as JanusVM is closed source, unsecure and unmaintained. One virtual machine running Linux will provide a VPN server and forward all traffic trough Tor. Then use another virtual machine which has no direct internet access but lan-only access to the Tor VPN virtual machine. And connect the VPN. After the VPN is running you can add a proxy to firefox. I tested that myself and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately I tested it with JanusVM and not my own Tor VPN, I am still working on that. This setup could be great, Tor is hiding your ass, Tor Browser is well configured, https everywhere helps a bit to stop eavesdropping of exit servers and proxy servers and you might be even able to use the firefox addon steatlhy to comfortable turn on/off some untrusted extra proxy.
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