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Re: [tor-talk] Tor exit+proxy

Hi, thanks for detailed reply!

I know about proxychains and windows implementations of it and I
woudn`t ask for help if it was that easy as "proxychains
firefox" :) But I checked again and proxychains with regular
browser works with at least tor local socks5 proxy as 1st hop and http
proxy as 2nd and last (4th actually :) Didn`t try transparent Tor
forwarding, but it would work anyway, I think we all can agree with

VPN through Tor is in my todo list, so i will appreciate any solutions
you will make.

Problems begin when you try to apply this for TB. Since TorBrowser is
hard alloy of Tor and patched Firefox+Torbutton now, it is not a
regular question how to make it work with additional proxy. I
specifically mentioned TB as the way I want it run, because i think
that TBB is the best and most secure way to use Tor to browse the web,
isn`t it?

Maybe I should ask a different question: If I separate Vidalia+Tor and
run proxified TBB`s Firefox with its profile after Tor made its chain,
would that system be less secure? I`m not advanced that much to
understand inner working of patches developers made to Firefox, so
please forgive my slightly ignorant question. 

I see an instruction that tells use privoxy`s forward settings, didn`t
try that yet, but I tried 3proxy (something the same proxy) with no
success :(

IMHO ideally it would be perfect if Vidalia had option like "Hide Tor
usage and add http or socks proxy at the Tor exit nodes:". Dreams,

hmoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > What is the best way to add proxy (socks or whatever) at the end of
> > a Tor node chain? I mean working way, that YOU use, not that in the Tor
> > wiki or anywhere outdated in the Internets. So, download TorBrowser
> > (linux, windows...), then *do something*, voila, a website that blocks
> > Tor exits is now accepting you, isn`t that great? :) Share your methods,
> > please. Thanks!
> Before I start...
> Search the mailing list (for Tor Proxy Chain). This topic has been discussed before. There are warnings about loss of anonymity. I don't like to repeat it but maybe someone else would have/will repeat it. If you are still interested in the topic itself...
> 1)
> There is proxychains for Linux for building chains of proxys where Tor can be a part of it and I've seen also a commercial clone with the same name for Windows. I do not trust such solutions too much. There are instructions around to use sockscap or freecap which will leak DNS and/or leak everything if IPv6 is available and they seam unmaintained.
> 2)
> Setup your own Tor Transparent Proxy (see wiki and recent mailing list comments) and add an additional proxy to the proxy settings in firefox. I haven't tested that solution myself but I guess it's possible, I think that because of my experience with 3).
> 3)
> Setup your own Tor VPN. Similar like JanusVM. Really create your own Tor VPN as JanusVM is closed source, unsecure and unmaintained. One virtual machine running Linux will provide a VPN server and forward all traffic trough Tor. Then use another virtual machine which has no direct internet access but lan-only access to the Tor VPN virtual machine. And connect the VPN. After the VPN is running you can add a proxy to firefox. I tested that myself and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately I tested it with JanusVM and not my own Tor VPN, I am still working on that. This setup could be great, Tor is hiding your ass, Tor Browser is well configured, https everywhere helps a bit to stop eavesdropping of exit servers and proxy servers and you might be even able to use the firefox addon steatlhy to comfortable turn on/off some untrusted extra proxy.
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