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Re: [tor-talk] sniffjoke/obfsproxy for defeating DPI:ing firewalls?

I did testing of both sniffjoke and obfsproxy with Tor this summer. [1][2]
I had trouble getting sniffjoke to work reliably enough to actually test
its properties against DPI attacks. I found obfsproxy to be reliable, but
at that time it was designed to work against only some of the known DPI
attacks and therefore did not protect against others. I also tested my own
protocol, Dust [3], which at the time covered more DPI attacks.

I'm sure a lot has happened since the summer on these projects. The
developers of both sniffjoke and obfsproxy are very nice and I'm sure they
would be happy to answer any questions you have directly.

The last I heard, Vidalia integration has indeed planned and there was
already a plugin for configuring obfsproxy.

[1] https://gitweb.torproject.org/user/blanu/blocking-test.git
[2] http://stepthreeprivacy.org/
[3] http://blanu.net/Dust.pdf

On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 5:49 AM, anonym <anonym@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> It was recently suggested [1] that Tails [2] should include
> sniffjoke [3], persumably to uncensor Tor in places where that is a
> problem:
> Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> > Adding sniff joke may be quite useful and it should be an option:
> > http://www.delirandom.net/sniffjoke/
> (Jacob is especially welcome to elaborate on this statement in this
> thread.)
> From my understanding, it may make sense to have sniffjoke obfuscate the
> connection to Tor bridges when behind a firewall that can detect bridge
> usage (e.g. like in China [4][5]). But only if it actually
> defeats the DPI:ing firewall (which is unclear to me whether it is the
> case in e.g. China). Has any one got experiences with Tor + sniffjoke in
> places where DPI:ing firewalls are messing with Tor?
> But what about obfsproxy [6]? This seems like the planned Tor
> sanctioned way for solving this problem. How is this project coming
> along, and when can we expect to see this ready for action? I assume
> things like Vidalia integration planned(?).
> Cheers!
> [1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/4639
> [2] https://tails.boum.org
> [3] http://www.delirandom.net/sniffjoke/
> [4] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/4185
> [5]
> http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2011/11/17/chinas-great-firewall-tests-mysterious-scans-on-encrypted-connections/
> [6] https://gitweb.torproject.org/obfsproxy.git
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