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Re: [tor-talk] some maps on tor usage worldwide

Am 12.01.2012 18:47, schrieb Andrew Lewman:
> How much work would it be to do daily average graphs? And
> then turn this into an animated png over the months to show moving
> daily average over time?

Hi, once I cleaned up my scripts and rewrite some parts for easier use
it could be very well automated. So in general the answer would be: it
can be done ;-)

> And are you willing to publish how you generated these graphs? We'd
> like to have something like this on our metrics page. In general, we'd
> love to have more friendly visualizations of the metrics data.
Here's a very quick (simplistic) summary:

1. I've downloaded free availably so called "shapefiles" which contain
country-shapes (multiple polygons) composed of coordinates (lat,lon). [1]
2. wrote some perl scripts to read these files out with the help of some
already available modules [2] and generated and generated some out of it
for easier use.
3. with the help of the GD module [3] I plotted these coordinates and
voila, here is the world map.
4. now I only need some input data, like tor average user data and some
other stuff like internet population per country data (from the world
fact book..the cia one). [4]
5. done

[1] - http://www.diva-gis.org/Data (world countries shapes files)
      (This dataset is freely available for academic and other
non-commercial use.)
[2] - http://search.cpan.org/~jasonk/Geo-ShapeFile-2.51/ShapeFile.pm
[3] - http://search.cpan.org/~lds/GD-2.46/GD.pm
[4] - https://metrics.torproject.org/users.html &

Another question was:

> It would be nice if the colors had numbers associated with them; right
> now it's a floating scale and I can't even tell if it changes month to
> month.

Yes, right now it just shows color data without the scale data/numbers.
I will think of a better way to display this.

Anyway, these graphs were more like a side effect of my map plotting
experiments and i found them interesting. If time allows I will try to
enhance and automated them.

..till then, happy tor surfing/networking/relaying/developing..

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