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Re: [tor-talk] Aurora only build

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>  though perhaps it would not provide as strong anonymity as Aurora - any views?
Errr... I think you missed a point ;-)
Aurora IS Firefox or, at least, it's the release name.
When building custom version of Mozilla products from source you can't use the same name as the official packages. That's the TL;DR of the Mozilla Public Policy.
TBB is a custom version of Mozilla Firefox built by the Tor Project and shipped together with Vidalia and some other programs and libraries.
So, if you want to have something which looks like TBB on a PowerPC Mac, install Vidalia, grab a copy of TenFourFox and install required extensions.

Beware this is not enough!

TBB has been built to address a specific threat model and Firefox has been patched and configured accordingly to that model so I'm the first to warn you that "just run Firefox with required extensions" is close enough but not the same thing.


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