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Re: [tor-talk] Aurora only build

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012, at 09:50 AM, Marco Bonetti wrote:
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> >  though perhaps it would not provide as strong anonymity as Aurora - any views?
> Errr... I think you missed a point ;-)
> Aurora IS Firefox or, at least, it's the release name.
> When building custom version of Mozilla products from source you can't
> use the same name as the official packages. That's the TL;DR of the
> Mozilla Public Policy.
> TBB is a custom version of Mozilla Firefox built by the Tor Project and
> shipped together with Vidalia and some other programs and libraries.
> So, if you want to have something which looks like TBB on a PowerPC Mac,
> install Vidalia, grab a copy of TenFourFox and install required
> extensions.
> Beware this is not enough!
> TBB has been built to address a specific threat model and Firefox has
> been patched and configured accordingly to that model so I'm the first to
> warn you that "just run Firefox with required extensions" is close enough
> but not the same thing.
 No, that was my point - TenFourFox does not have the patches that the
 TBB Firefox has, so even with the same extensions it will not be as

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