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Re: Sorbs

I really don't think SORBS is used by any major companies as a reliable
source of info.  Osirusoft pretty much took care of that with their
antics when they shut down their list.  SORBS is generally used as a
weighted check for spam.

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 02:15:35PM -0700, chris@xxxxxxx wrote 0.6K bytes in 17 lines about:
: Geoffrey Goodell wrote:
: >What makes Matthew Sullivan so important that he can tell you what you
: >
: >can and cannot do with your Tor nodes?
: > 
: >
: His subscriber list.
: Do we have a way of finding out who actually uses SORBS (and/or other 
: blacklists)? It would be terribly ironic to discover that only a few 
: random small players use SORBS, and no big ISPs (for example).
: It also matters *how* they use it. If they use it to have SpamAssassin 
: score 0.5 points counting your message as spam, that's less bad than if 
: they set their core routers to drop all traffic from you.