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Re: Anonymous/Nonymous Communication Coexisting?

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 04:20, yancm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Is it possible to have a single application, such as a web browser
> or a p2p client behave normally with normal url's but use
> tor if the url is an xyz.onion address? Or is it everything
> or nothing?

Some clients will let you specify configuration based on the url.  For example 
with firefox, you could create a configuration file which contains:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
	if(dnsDomainIs(url, '.onion')
		// proxy to localhost port 8118
		return "PROXY';

	// default - no proxy
	return "DIRECT";

Then in Firefox, go to preferences / general and in the Connection settings, 
set "Automatic proxy configuration URL" to "file://[path to your config 
file]".  I use a proxy configuration file, but I haven't tested this with 
'.onion' rules..

Or you can do it the other way, have a list of domains that it is ok to use 
directly, and have everything else go through the privoxy proxy. Some 
examples of ways to test, not recommendations:

if( dnsDomainIs(host, '.freshmeat.net') 
	|| dnsDomainIs(host, 'sourceforge.net') // pick up "http://sourceforge.net";
	|| dnsDomainIs(host, '.sourceforge.net') // for "http://*.sourceforge.net";
	|| (host == '')
	|| (url.substring(0,6) == "https:")
	return "DIRECT";