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Tor is out

This is the ninth release candidate for the 0.1.0.x series. This release
fixes some memory bloating, disables threads on Solaris, and includes
some important security fixes for Win32.

This is the one, I can feel it!
(We have one bug left, which is some weird behavior with FreeBSD and
libevent 1.1. Let us know if you're experiencing these crashes too.)


  o Bugfixes:
    - Reset buf->highwater every time buf_shrink() is called, not just on
      a successful shrink. This was causing significant memory bloat.
    - Fix buffer overflow when checking hashed passwords.
    - Security fix: if seeding the RNG on Win32 fails, quit.
    - Allow seeding the RNG on Win32 even when you're not running as
    - Disable threading on Solaris too. Something is wonky with it,
      cpuworkers, and reentrant libs.
    - Reenable the part of the code that tries to flush as soon as an
      OR outbuf has a full TLS record available. Perhaps this will make
      OR outbufs not grow as huge except in rare cases, thus saving lots
      of CPU time plus memory.
    - Reject malformed .onion addresses rather then passing them on as
      normal web requests.
    - Adapt patch from Adam Langley: fix possible memory leak in
    - Initialize libevent later in the startup process, so the logs are
      already established by the time we start logging libevent warns.
    - Use correct errno on win32 if libevent fails.
    - Check and warn about known-bad/slow libevent versions.
    - Pay more attention to the ClientOnly config option.
    - Have torctl.in/tor.sh.in check for location of su binary (needed
      on FreeBSD)
    - Correct/add man page entries for LongLivedPorts, ExitPolicy,
      KeepalivePeriod, ClientOnly, NoPublish, HttpProxy, HttpsProxy,
    - Stop warning about sigpipes in the logs. We're going to
      pretend that getting these occassionally is normal and fine.
    - Resolve OS X installer bugs: stop claiming to be in
      installer screens; and don't put stuff into StartupItems unless
      the user asks you to.
    - Require servers that use the default dirservers to have public IP
      addresses. We have too many servers that are configured with private
      IPs and their admins never notice the log entries complaining that
      their descriptors are being rejected.
    - Add OSX uninstall instructions. An actual uninstall script will
      come later.