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Tor on OSX Tiger problems

Hi all,

I've just tried to install Tor on a freshly installed copy of Mac OSX
Tiger (10.4).

After rebooting, it seems that privoxy is up and running just fine, but tor will
not start automatically.

privoxy is listed in the process list, while tor is not.

I can start Tor by hand, using "/Library/Tor/tor", but if i try to use
the startup script, I get errors.

As I understand it, Mac OS will run the script
"/Library/StartupItems/Tor/Tor" by itself, with no params.

When i try to do this, I get the following error: "./Tor: line 59: $1:
unbound variable"

If I start it by doing: "/Library/StartupItems/Tor/Tor start", then it
gets a bit further, and then dies with:

Jun 14 17:33:42.602 [notice] Torv0.1.0.10. This is experimental
software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.
Jun 14 17:33:42.681 [err] switch_id(): User '_tor' not found.
Jun 14 17:33:42.681 [err] init_from_config(): Acting on config options
left us in a broken state. Dying.

Am i doing something wrong, or is there some other magic needed to get
Tor to start by itself on Mac OS?