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Re: Tor on OSX Tiger problems

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 05:35:14PM -0700, Christopher Soghoian wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just tried to install Tor on a freshly installed copy of Mac OSX
> Tiger (10.4).
> After rebooting, it seems that privoxy is up and running just fine, but tor will
> not start automatically.
> privoxy is listed in the process list, while tor is not.
> I can start Tor by hand, using "/Library/Tor/tor", but if i try to use
> the startup script, I get errors.
> As I understand it, Mac OS will run the script
> "/Library/StartupItems/Tor/Tor" by itself, with no params.

That's not quite right.  You need to run it with "start" or "stop" as
an argument.  Who told you to run it with no params?

> If I start it by doing: "/Library/StartupItems/Tor/Tor start", then it
> gets a bit further, and then dies with:
> Jun 14 17:33:42.602 [notice] Torv0.1.0.10. This is experimental
> software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.
> Jun 14 17:33:42.681 [err] switch_id(): User '_tor' not found.
> Jun 14 17:33:42.681 [err] init_from_config(): Acting on config options
> left us in a broken state. Dying.

Oh, interesting.  It looks like the installer is supposed to create a
_tor user for you, but isn't.  Maybe it's busted on Tiger.  Phobos:
this would be a good place to start checking this out.


Nick Mathewson

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