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Re: my isp cut me off

On 6/20/05, Adam Langley <alangley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You should read (at least the beginning of):
> http://tor.eff.org/cvs/website/faq-abuse.html

Ah, thanks, that's the faq I was looking for. I'll find out as much
information from them as I can with regard to the source and/or cause.
Since the ISP probably sees me as a "problem" right now, I'll want to
try to present Tor in a positive light instead of saying something
like, "so, I'm running this anonymous open proxy on my box...". Well,
not in those words but I don't want it to come across that way.

Now I just have to wait until the network manager comes in later this
morning. Whee.

Greg Hewgill