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Re: my isp cut me off

On 6/20/05, Greg Hewgill <ghewgill@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Does anybody have any recommendations on what I should say? The way I
> see it, we're all in pretty much the same boat here. Surely this sort
> of thing has happened to others too.

You should read (at least the beginning of):

Most of that can just be repeated.

If you could get details of what lead them to disconnect you that
could be useful information for us - we might be able to tweak the
default exit policy (thou I doubt it). I suspect someone was
controlling a botnet over IRC via Tor.

Mostly importantly be polite. I'm not suggesting that you wouldn't
normally be, but it can be very frustrating talking to some clueless
people. Be forthright that you're doing nothing wrong but expect them
to claim that you're violating their terms-and-conditions since you
probably are. Most ISP T&Cs read (in short) "we will disconnect you if
you do anything beyond browsing the web for five minutes a day".

Good luck,


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