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Re: Access for the uncomputed

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 03:26:33PM -0700, Joel Franusic wrote:
> Some quick searches on sf.net and freshmeat.net turn up:
> http://cecid.sourceforge.net/
> Links to servers running CECID:
> http://cecid.sourceforge.net/mirrors.php

Oh hey, and Patrick Coleman runs a Tor server too:

Patrick, how is this going? It looks like Tor can replace the more
ambitious part of your project, but step one is still a hard task to
get right too. :)

It looks like it's GPL, which is good. But it looks like it breaks
stylesheets of the pages it downloads (e.g. tor.eff.org), which is
bad. What about SSL to the proxy page? Does it have a back-end that can
http-proxy to privoxy, and/or socks4a-proxy to Tor?

Is this still in development, or should I take the "Copyright 2003"
to be a bad sign? :)