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Re: Problems with TOR & FreeBSD -resolved

Hi everybody.

While at earlier versions of Tor I used to move traffic of about 200 KB/s, now with (and maybe some versions before it) the traffic has dropped to about 30 KB/s ! Note, that in my torrc file I have not defined anything about bandwidth rate etc, although I used to have. What is the problem? The server always has available a connection to the internet of 100 Mbps and runs the latest debian release...

Warren Barrow wrote:


Thanks for the information.
I am using the new libevent with TOR and have remained operational for several days now. I changed my server config to act only as a middleman due to my lack of resources (700mhz, 128mb ram on a FreeBSD laptop). My server is pushing between 100-400 KB/sec with the TOR process sitting at almost idle. I'm extremely pleased with the performance.

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