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Re: Howto compile Tor on a windows system

On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 11:52:45AM +0200, Martin Balvers wrote:
> After installing the openssl, zlib and event.h at the right

Did you put the rest of the libevent source anywhere?  Are you
building it too?  Libevent is more than a header file.

>    I
> can get Tor to compile, but then I get a bunch of link errors...

In general, when you're reporting errors on a mailing list, you should
tell people what errors you are getting.  Otherwise it's hard to tell
what is going wrong.

> Who creates the windows binary that can be downloaded from the site,


> and
> how is it compiled ?

With VC7, and the project file in CVS.  Matt Edman sent us an nmake
makefile for 0.0.9 a while ago, but it never got ported to 0.1.0 or
later.  I can try to do this soon if you like.

The steps are:
 - Make sure that everything is up to date:
   - Get the most recent zlib source
   - Get the most recent openssl library.
   - Get the most recent libevent source.
 - Build.

> Is it possible to compile a windows binary in Cygwin ?

It was a while ago; I haven't tried in a while.  If you have any
patches to make it work with vc6 or cygwin, please send them in.  I'd
love to have Tor build correctly under more compilers.

hoping this helps,
Nick Mathewson

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