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Re: (FWD) Re: Please review new control-spec.txt

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 09:50:39PM +0200, Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:
> * Nick Mathewson <nickm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2005-06-20 21:24]:
> > Right.  By default, you can send an AUTHENTICATE command before you
> > send any other command.  Unless you set a password somehow, you can
> > send any authentication string you want from localhost and it will be
> > accepted.  You do need to send *SOME* authentication before any
> > commands, though.
> I tried to send an authentication but I alway get "authentication
> failed". what is the structure of the authentication message?

In v0, send the following string if there is no password (octets in

   [00 00      00 07          ]
    ^^^^^      ^^^^^
    length=0   authenticate 

   That is, send "\x00\x00\x00\x07".

   See control-spec-v0.txt section 2, 3.8, and 4.1.

In v1, send the following string if there is no password:


   (See control-spec.txt sections 3.4 and 5.1

hope this helps,
Nick Mathewson

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