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Tor is out

This is the first development snapshot for the 0.1.1.x series. The main
change is a revised controller protocol (version 1) that uses ascii
rather than binary. Also, if you have a hardware crypto accelerator,
please tell us whether it works with Tor now.


  o Bugfixes:
    - Make OS X init script check for missing argument, so we don't
      confuse users who invoke it incorrectly.
    - Fix a seg fault in "tor --hash-password foo".
    - Fix a possible way to DoS dirservers.
    - When we complain that your exit policy implicitly allows local or
      private address spaces, name them explicitly so operators can
      fix it.
    - Make the log message less scary when all the dirservers are
      temporarily unreachable.
    - We were printing the number of idle dns workers incorrectly when
      culling them.

  o Features:
    - Revised controller protocol (version 1) that uses ascii rather
      than binary. Add supporting libraries in python and java so you
      can use the controller from your applications without caring how
      our protocol works.
    - Spiffy new support for crypto hardware accelerators. Can somebody
      test this?