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RE: Is exit policy broken?

The version of tor is on winxp sp2, and I did restart it.  I
always get something in the range for slashdot, here's a

Looking up at the 5 slashdot.org. parent servers:

Server					Response		Time
ns1.osdn.com 	[] 	108ms
ns1.vasoftware.com [] 	109ms
ns2.osdn.com 	[] 	109ms
ns3.vasoftware.com [] 	109ms
ns2.vasoftware.com []	[Error: Socket error 10054 [s=4728
tcp=0]]	218ms

So, as far as I know these are the correct address ranges (thereabouts...).
I don't know if the behavior was duplicated  in previous versions.

Btw, for now it is set up with reject *:* (middleman only), until I figure
this out, so are these entries normal for that?

Jun 30 16:04:25.875 [info] connection_edge_finished_connecting(): Exit
connection to established.
Jun 30 16:04:25.890 [info] connection_edge_finished_connecting(): Exit
connection to established.

Or, am I misreading what the log means by "Exit connection"?


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On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 12:49:12PM -0700, Bob wrote:
> Hi-
>   I have the following statement in my exit policy:
> ExitPolicy reject
> This is the first line in my exit policy.
> Yet, in my info file, I have several entries showing connections
> to *.slashdot.org:

Which Tor server is this?

Which version of Tor?

Are you sure it is running with the exit policy you described? That
is, you restarted (or hupped) it after changing the torrc.

Is your DNS server always returning an IP for slashdot.org that's
within the range in your line above, or is it (sometimes) returning some
other IP?

Does this behavior show up for you with earlier versions of Tor too?