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Re: data remanence (was: Some legal trouble with TOR in France)

What do you think about to start TOR with Knoppix Linux booted from a CD/Rom?


On 5/15/06, Michael Holstein <michael.holstein@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There are methods (and they are used) to read data from a overwritten
> disk.

Has anyone tried creating a (ro) flash-boot linux system for TOR with
all the (rw) stuff mounted in RAM ?

Such a device would raise the bar quite a bit, no? (AFIK, there is no
data remanence problem with DRAM .. unless $they can stop the clock and
keep power applied).

(seeing the $agency come in with a UPS and trying to splice the A/C
without shutting it off, and then carrying out the server on battery
power conjures up memories of a certian Seinfield episode).