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Re: Some simple changes to the tor architecture I believe may greatly improve it

On Tue, 16 May 2006, glymr wrote:
I've been following a number of recent threads with great interest and
in the process came up with a number of ideas for changes to the
architecture of tor which should be simple to implement and greatly
improve both performance and anonymity.

As a quick summary - have you read the mailing list archives? Most of the things that you're proposing here have been discussed and beaten into atomic particles long since.

I'm skipping over suggestions 1-3 - they're in the faq, discussed to
bits on the list, and probably in the wiki as well.

I can only hope that I'm reading suggestion 4 wrongly.

It -sounds- like you're saying:

	"Log all of the traffic going out of tor exit nodes, and give
	it to your (local) authorities"

Barring the fact that the NSA[0] are doing a fine job of this sort of thing
already, what on -earth- are you thinking this can do, outside of leaving
you personally liable for all of the traffic exiting your node, -and-
charges of information and identity theft, not to mention ensuring that
a metric ton of tor users are profoundly unhappy with you.


I just realized.

Maybe you're trying to get people to stop using tor...

For Suggestion 5, I suggest that you read more about game theory.

Suggestion 6 makes it much easier to do timing and correlation attacks,
and seems rather dubious as such.

server will maintain this information on the directory. (by the way,
this suggests that it may be a good idea for accesses to the
directories, by nodes, be done through a tor circuit, which may already
be happening but I don't know).

You might want to read the spec -before- commenting, then.

Actually, that holds for your suggestion 7 as well.

... and suggestion 8 - along with some of the research in the field.

Perhaps what you want isn't quite what tor was designed to solve.

[0] and the Stasi before them...
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