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Re: Puzzling behavior of Tor server.


On Mon, Sep 04, 2006 at 04:12:27PM -0700, Caitlin wrote:
> Yes, you're right but I forgot to mention that the software eventually
> gives up on another path (essentially it seems to stall) and I cannot
> log-out of Yahoo mail. Another annoying event is that I see a blank
> page after submitting login information. 

so, you don't want to log something special about you're tor-traffic? 
Possibly I didn't understand that right before... ;)

I think it could be the same thing why paypal and ebay accounts get 
locked to tor-users frequently: It can happen, that your IP-address 
changes while you're logged in to your account somewhere, because tor 
changes the circuit frequently. I know it from paypal and ebay, that 
they assume that there may be a unauthorised third person, who uses 
your account when this happens... I think, you can't do anything about 

I had this experience some days ago with ebay: They locked my account, 
because they thought there was an unauthorized person using my username. 
I think, it has nothing to do with your tor-server - it's normal. 
For me your logs do look OK. 


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