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Re: Earthlink's broken DNS affecting Tor nodes?

On Mon, 4 Sep 2006, numE wrote:

Maybe http://www.orsn.net/ would be even better than opendns.
OpenDns is commercial... orsn not.

IIRC, OpenDNS does the same sort of "Lie on NXDOMAIN" foolishness that Earthlink has started doing, which is what the original poster was trying to escape.

Doesn't ORSN use an alternate-root scheme where there's no real guarantee you're getting the same answers anyone using the one true root would get? I might be conflating my alternate-root quacks here, but I seem to recall their root delegations differ from the real ones.


Andrew Del Vecchio schrieb:
Alternatively, you can use OpenDNS's servers. See www.opendns.com.
OpenDNS is very easy (just use their IP addresses), and quite fast. On
the other hand, caching can be fast too, and give you slightly more
security, as you'll be sending less requests, thus making traffic
analysis a tad more labor intensive. Would you concur, Matt?


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