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Re: Earthlink's broken DNS affecting Tor nodes?

Matt Ghali wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Sep 2006, numE wrote:
>> Maybe http://www.orsn.net/ would be even better than opendns.
>> OpenDns is commercial... orsn not.
> IIRC, OpenDNS does the same sort of "Lie on NXDOMAIN" foolishness that
> Earthlink has started doing, which is what the original poster was
> trying to escape.
> Doesn't ORSN use an alternate-root scheme where there's no real
> guarantee you're getting the same answers anyone using the one true root
> would get? I might be conflating my alternate-root quacks here, but I
> seem to recall their root delegations differ from the real ones.

(Disclaimer, I work for OpenDNS.)

If you're using OpenDNS, you disable all that stuff when you visit the
preference page:

If you do that you'll get zero unexpected recursive dns behavior.

Jacob Appelbaum