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Re: Operational Security

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Kaos.Theory's AnonymOS, based on OpenBSD already does this.
Unfortunately, it's been about 9 mos since anything appears to have
been done with it! As a starting point, I would suggest beginning by
picking up where these guys left off.


numE wrote:
> Hi,
> while reading this:
> http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/
> i had an idea i wanted to share with you.
> what about building an dedicated tor operating system.
> for example a boot image based on:
> http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/
> or
> http://www.trustedbsd.org/
> preconfigured with disk and swap encryption,
> preconfigured with tor running in a chroot... etc.
> this would increase tor's security a lot.
> maybe servers running this special "tor-linux" could have
> their own version number etc... so users have the ability to
> check for (at least on the software-side) highly secured nodes.
> another benefit:
> setting up such a system would be quite easy...
> download... burn to a dvd.... but from the dvd..
> install... set node name.. etc... done.
> what do you think?
> greetings.

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